Why is a girl's appearance more attractive to a guy than their personality?

Do you think what a girl looks like says more about her than her personality does?

Why does a girl have to be 'perfectly' thin and pretty to be found attractive.


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  • Who cares about why. Complaining about it solves nothing. There are men that find bigger girls attractive, it's just going to take extra work to find them. In the long run, working out and exercising is a good idea for everyone. Mainly because it makes us more sexually appealing. I'm scrawny as hell, but I'm damn charming. Alas, charm only goes so far. It's taken me 2 months to go from a 75 bench press to 100 Lbs. I want f***ing pecs dammit. It's probably going to take me another 6 months of dedication to reach 200 Lbs.


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  • I could ask the same thing about girls?... Were all human and were not as different as some like you tend to think. women are probably even more particualr about types and ideal men. Plus your wrong about the perfectly thin and pretty part. if you watched the last season of the bachelor one of the last 4 women had a fair amount of meat on her yet was very attractive. And another had a masculine look to her face. Goes to show you were not like how you think we are.

    • I wasn't being particually critical, it was a question, you judging me based on a question I asked, before you start critisizing a question I asked don't you think I know girls do the same thing? We all go through different experiences with different people, I'm expressing my view, it was my opinion not an opinion to have debate about, you can critsize what I said all you want as you don't know me.

  • looks are the starting point then as you get to know them you become more attracted to people

    how you dress can allow people to make an opinion very quickly which won't always be accurate

    which is why id prefer to get to know people instead of judging them buy what they look like or wear

    and for me girls don't have to be perfectly slim as long as there happy with who there are its a good enough start for me

  • The way she looks can tell a lot about her personality... she doesn't have to be 'thin' to be attractive. She just have to look like someone that takes care of her self and cares about her apperance..

    • Cool I can use this to reject unattractive guys.

    • Hah you have bad taste in men so it wouldn't really matter...

    • why did you say that to her? :O that's a bit harsh.. lol

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  • Blame it on society,

    Magazines,tv shows , models basically everything has the stereotypical " normal girl " the girl that is perfectly thin , toned ect. So now all guys have this level that they expect all girls to level up to unless there " unattractive. "

  • Humans judge future partners based on looks,cause good-looks=good health and genes,it has nothing to do with guys being superficial

    • You're right except

      good looks /= good health

      good looks = indicate good health

      An indication may not be true

    • yeah but that's all we have to go on when meeting people,i'm not gonna take a guy to the doctor for a check up on the first date

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