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I asked a question on her before and I was very please with the answer. so I have another one.

I'm really like the 50s look, I wear horn-rimmed glasses and those new style of Fedoras (not because they are popular but because they are easier to get a hold of now than I used to be able to get them)

I also really like wearing suits,but I find them impractical for everyday use.I generally wear just polo, blues/blacks/reds, blue jeans and black dress shoes.

but I wanna make my clothing more 50's-ish, but still modern, and practical for everyday use.

any advice?
So basically

what I've got in mind using the advice below is;

Stick to darker polos, blues/blacks/greys.

Get a couple of nice fitting sports coats again blues/blacks.

I'm keeping the blue jeans for colour instead of wearing all black and I'm not a huge fan of cordereuy.

Keep the black dress shoes, horn rimmed glasses and modern fedoras.

In the winter wear a nice sweater underneath between the jacket and polo

Get a nicer watch.


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  • I love the 50's, rockabilly look too. It's really hard to make it modern and keep it 50's personally I'd wear something like black jeans,black top, black heeled boots (kinda look like dress shoes with a heel) an denim top tied at the waist with a red banana tied round my head so basically I suggest swap the dress shoes for a pair of sneakers wear whatever you find comfortable but keep very 50's accessories like the glasses and the hat. It does loose the authentic 1950's look a bit but you can still tell its there.


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  • You can look for neat, black or grey jeans instead of blue denim. I personally love ribcord -- you can be practically dressed without jeans! It's less casual without being too dressy. Invest in some good, fitting blazers and nice, self-coloured shirts. That way you can wear a suit without actually wearing a suit. The blazer doesn't need to match exactly with the pants.

  • i don't know nay tip, but I'll just say I think your style is awesome.

  • DUCKIE! watch pretty in pink,you'll get some ideas


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