What should I wear in a concert?

i am a foreign student in U. S. and I have never been in a American concert before. so I was wondering what can I wear in this pop concert which is in June ? can you please help me with some hints?


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  • A few tips:

    - Flat shoes with a top to them (no open toe). No heels make it easier on you and tops take a little of the impact if someone accidentally steps on your foot.

    - Minimize what's in your purse. It makes for less stuff to make security suspicious (as well as minimizing what may be stolen).

    - No flashy or expensive jewellery; it acts as a beacon for thieves.

    - Dress casually. Jeans and a shirt (t-shirt, long sleeve, tank top, whatever) work just fine.

    And, as Jeremy Piven once said in PCU, "You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be *that* guy."

    So who're you going to see?


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  • T-shirt, jeans, and comfortable shoes should work unless you're going to a classical-type concert.


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  • pop concert

    skinny jeans, flats and tank


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