Hair style on men?

some guy just asked something about hair styles. I just got my hair cut today and its short again :). but it made me think, girls what hair style do you like on guys? I usually juts have short straight hair, no gel, nothing fancy. or I wear a hat. pics of hair style would be good.



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  • it's depends on the face shape and your overall look, but I usually like guys with short hair. - not too short though-


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  • This is my favorite hair style for guys: link

    (the guy on the left who is standing)

    It's long enough to run your fingers through but no so long that it covers his face or gets unruly.

  • spiked up with gel!;P

    • what kind of spiked up?

    • just like rab it and pull it upwards!, I would show you a link but I don't know how:(

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