The most beautiful people have to wait the longest for a relationship?

I heard this quote from an answerer on this website. They said ''the most beautiful people have to wait the longest for a relationship''. Do you believe this is true and do you think beautiful describes the looks or personality or both of a person in this context? Also, do you think this can apply to guys as well as girls?


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  • Hmm interesting.

    For me I believe all beauty, whether it be looks or personality, is in the eye of the beholder. The reason I believe this is that, people I find attractive, and find personality appealing, is my opinion, but someone else may have a completely different idea.

    I think for sure that looks is what attracts first in 'most' cases but its the person inside that makes you either want to be with them, or to decide it won't work.

    As for if I think that sentence is true, well because of my belief, I have to say no. I have to say no because, even if a girl/guy is so attractive that almost everyone thinks they are stunning...for example Angelina Jolie is often described as stunning, there will always be those who won't have the same opinion, and wouldn't.

    There's a difference between confidence and arrogance...You can take pride in yourself there's nothing wrong with that, but to out right say 'everybody wants me cause I am so attractive that I can have anyone I want" is just arrogant and not true.

    I'd choose this sentence that would make more sense in this light

    "Picky people take the longest to be in a relationship" =P


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  • I think that in our society looks are held high, and everyone wants to be "beautiful" so no I don't believe that people that are physically appealing have any trouble finding a relationship.But if they meant people that are beautiful on the inside then yes I think it could stand in their way but not necessarily, of finding a relationship because sometimes people are superficial and they let that quality stand in the way of them being in a relationship with a really great person.

  • It can be true in a few ways.

    It could be that the beautiful guys and girls never get approached and stay single longer until someone finally gets the guts to ask them out or they themselves grow tired or waiting and actually do the flirting and approaching.

    It could also be true that beautiful people are sometimes the most insecure because they never know if people are being genuine, so they don't trust easily. And also, a lot of beautiful guys and girls have self-esteem issues and don't see what other people do. Being insecure and not trusting for no reason is self-sabotage, so they stay single.

    Or it could be that the most beautiful people are also the most vapid and shallow because they never needed to take the time to develop a personality, interests, hobbies, etc. So they have nothing to offer and until they start improving themselves, no one will want them.

    • tired of waiting*

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  • Assuming that person realizes they have social value, and will only be with someone who has most of what that person prefers in a partner, then yeah I could understand it. If they didn't bend and be with someone who fits enough of their preferences, then they'll be single for longer just like anybody else would be. But the difference is that, and I'm sure you've seen it, a beautiful girl or an attractive guy can afford to be a little picky about who they end up with. Whether they choose to or not is their deal, but it wouldn't be hard to imagine that a person banks on knowing people want to be with them so they hold out for someone that really suits them.


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