Should I get the urban decay naked palette or a few smashbox trios?

this palette has lots of pretty colors for a good deal, but most of them are really light and sometimes I like more dramatic eye makeup: link

the duos are more expensive because I'd have to buy more to get different looks, but they have more color choices than the palette: link

right now I have a sample size smashbox trio (the one called and I really like the color combo, but I also have the urban decay ammo palette and I love the quality of the colors.

which one do you think I should get? please comment if you've owned either or both and tell me what you think.


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  • I bought the black palette instead of the naked one because I already own the ammo and deluxe palettes which are enough neutrals for me. Also I hated how urban was creating such a hype by not making any. The black palette looks amazing over color bases except sabbath and barracuda, those can stand on their own. Buy it if you already have some deluxe shadows or other color bases, the dramatic looks are so much more unique and black dog rocks as a matte black. I agree, urban decay over any other brand. Hope this helps!


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  • I'd pick Urban Decay over any other brand of make up any day! =)

  • get the palette, with the right mixtures, you can get any look

  • Get the Naked palette. It's well worth the money and will last you a long time. The pigmentation is unbeatable and if you use the Urban Decay primer potion with the shadows your shadows will stay on all day. As for the shadows themselves, the darker colors can create a dramatic look for sure... My sister always does this really heavy smokey eye using the navy, black colors for work.

    I own plenty of other drugstore and higher end makeup brands and I reach for my Naked palette the most.


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