What does it mean if girl doesn't look at you when you are walking by?

There was this girl in the cafeteria and she kind of used her peripheral vision to look at me as we were walking by but she basically ignored my stare and never looked directly at me.
I'm super hot so I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with looks.


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  • A lot of girls are shy and sometimes returning a hard stare if seriously awkward. If she was obviously using her peripheral vision, then she's interested but she's afraid to make it obvious as she doesn't know if you are. Trust me, I do it all that time. She's probably waiting for you to approach her. And if she wasn't looking at you and you approach her, then what's the worst that could happen? If, like you said, you are super hot, then she'll most likely be flattered, even if she isn't interested. ;)

    • Wow I'm surprised you weren't like "cuz your ugliez" lol

    • I mean what I'm saying is, that was the answer I was expecting. So I wrote I'm super hot, but I seriously doubt it, but what I'm really saying is that I'm not ugly like I was expecting people to reply...

    • Haha, well you clearly stated that you're not, so I'll just have to believe you on that one. And let's just assume that I'm a nice person.. maybe :D

      It can just basically go one of two ways - she's interested but shy (e.g. like me - it's so frustrating!) or she's not interested. I'm having the same problem as you right now, actually :P

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