Body type in clothes vs Body type in a swim suit?

Read all the way through or this may sound confusing

Say a girl looks skinny/in shape in clothes, but then if you see her in a swimsuit and she may be what some people would consider chunky?

I am told I'm skinny/in shape and I wear clothes to flatter my body type (bigger chest and bigger butt), but I feel very self conscious in a swimsuit. I have some stretch marks since I have lost some weight, and my stomach is not flat (some baby fat/chunk/whatever you want to call it under the belly button) but not rolls or anything.

Guys if you see a girl who looks in shape or what you would image to be a "perfect body" but then later see her in a swim suit would your opinion change of her?

I am 5'7" and 145lbs so I don't consider myself overweight, but how do you view girls who may appear one way when in clothes, but then you see maybe not so flattering areas when in a swim suit? THANKS!


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  • unfortunately that is overweight (objectively) but not by that much. I believe a 67 inch adult woman should weight about 135 according to the experts. I don't think a guy can hate on a girl who looks different in different clothing, cause that's just the way she is. but eatng right is always a good thing as is exercise

    • Thats not overwieght at all there have been some cases like that where the girl has been that height and that weight but they are nicely toned.

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    • lmfao look at you on the internet cussing some guy you really kno nothing about just because he stated some ideas that you disagree with...its untollerant people like you that are a threat to society. you can't do that sh*t in real life, just swear cause you dis agree

    • buddy your info is inaccurate... do some more googlin before you give more girls eating disorders

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  • I'd imagine you're a little too worried about it. Everyone has things about their body they'd like to change but a lot of the time those things aren't even noticeable to other people. Besides, a lot of guys find a little bit of belly sexy, especially if the girl has a bigger chest and butt.

  • I feel that the image and impression that sets in with clothes holds on even if you see her in swimsuit; unless of course there was a drastic change; or a something that was completely hidden by clothes.

    BTW, 145 lbs for 5'7" is perfect. Don't worry about that.


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  • I think a lot of swimsuits are not so flattering. What is your bust size? For pants in a bikini get a higher waisted one. Tops will vary depend on your bust size for what one is best.

  • I prefer wearing regular clothes too because my body looks better in clothing that I can manipulate than when it's all exposed in a bikini, jean shorts, a miniskirt or a short dress. I have cellulite on the back of my thighs and some stretch marks on my thighs and hips so I'm usually in jeans or leggings.

    Nobody's body is perfect and all that matters is you're happy with it. With that said, 5'7" and 145 pounds could be healthy or overweight, it depends how the weight sits on you. Working out and eating healthily never killed anybody and you'll be healthier so you'll feel AND look better.


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