My looks, what do I do in this situation?

Ok I am one of those nice type of guys. I respect all women of all types. I never disrespect them or anything. But yet I go off and be myself and am treated like crap...Why? Because of my what do you do when it comes to that? I mean I can't seem to find any girl's out there that doesn't care. It's not just looks but weight as well...


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  • People want attraction.

    So either find a girl who doesn't find it important or find a girl that finds you attractive.

    Do you not care what your partner looks like?

    If you approach based on your attraction only reasonable to get rejected based on their attraction.

    Or do you want them to give you a chance you're not giving others?

    • I don't care what my partner looks like. To me it is personality that matters not looks. Beauty is on the inside not the's society though has no morals..except for most.

      And I give everyone a chance

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    • It does have part with being nice. Because most girls want 'bad boys'.

    • No girls want interesting & attraction

      Unfortunately most of the interesting ones who are attractive are bad. Hence why they try to make him nice.

      If you get interesting & not just nice you can create attraction. That's why ugly guys can get hot girls they are interesting & create attraction from that interest rather than their looks.

      Don't blame it on being nice.

      Blame not being attractive or interesting but just nice.

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  • TEASE! Be a partial ass hole :) It keeps things interesting and leaves girls wanting more. Still stay nice though. Good Luck!

    • Thank you. And well I do tease alot. I love to flirt with girls like all the time. But somewhere it just dies..I don't understand though what happens. But thank you loilmzkatey

    • :) No problem. Have arguments too lol Girls like that :P

    • Lol. I try not to argue because of past relationships...:/ bad experience with one I am kinda skeptical

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  • nice guys finish last dude. there my be a million girls who SAY this isn't true, but really being that "nice guy" doenst work...unless you want to get instantly friend zoned

    • Yeah you are right. I am starting to notice that more and more. I mean heck I basically give them whatever they want and I get screwed over in the end. At least I am a man of great morals that women would love if they took the time to get to know me...oh well I suppose.

    • what I've found to be effective is to be kinda a d*** at first so they are interested and then be a genuine nice guy once I feel they are hooked

    • Tried it..didn't work cause fact remains still fat and ugly as hell

  • This is simple: you're gonna have to decide--can you live with this or do you want to get in shape to be more competitive? It's easy to say move more and eat less but that is what it comes down to. I suspect if you get in shape, it will dramatically change your life. Women are nearly as visual as men but at your age, you need to be as competitive as possible.

    Good luck!

    • Well I am working on getting in shape already anyways. I only eat one or two meals a day, small meals at that. Not only that come soon I will be making over 2K or so a month and I know a lot of girl's will than come to me. But it will only be because I have money and not who I am.

      And when it comes to dating and all I am not competitive at all.

  • being a nice guy is not so bad, your attitude and confidence is what will capture women's attention, you don't need to look like a hunk or be a handsome guy..i know your deal I have been in those situations before..if you lack confidence in you then you won't get for the looks and weight..learn to pamper yourself and as for the weight I've been fat also..learn to discipline your self get a diet and workout..try to jog when you have the time..when you feel good about yourself then your persona will be enticing to women..


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