Is it really a huge turnoff to see body hair on a girl?

Arm hair, some leg hair, leg hair stubble, whatever?

If she's attractive, would it really matter to you?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Stubble is a bit much. I've seen girls with really light arm hair and I find that attractive for some reason. Leg hair is a bit eeehhhhh too lol.


What Girls Said 1

  • people these days aren't into natural beauty or anything that reminds them of it. men have convinced themselves that we are naturally hairless, even though we girls know that isn't true. although feminine should mean things of a female nature, and that would include body hair, feminine has become nothing but an artificial idea, compiled of men's fantasies rather than what is actually natural to women. so many guys find it a turn o ff if a girl has hair on her pits, legs, some guys don't like a full bushy mess downstairs, and some guys are even picky about arm hair.

    this is kind of why I don't feel bad about not liking back hair or chest hair and sometimes not even facial hair. and he has to trim down stairs. we can all embrace the artificial sometimes, not just men.


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