Question for any Aussies out there

If Aussies call flip flops thongs, and they call what we would call thongs g-strings, then what is their name for what we would call a g-string(the one with just the thin string in the back)?


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  • Haha! You just reminded me. . . =P

    A good friend of mine who moved to Oz about 5 years ago came back last summer and stayed at mine for a week. We were in some kind of shop in town and she shouted "Aww wow, look at these thongs!" really loud, haha!

    We were quite embarrased, as everyone stared and laughed. My friend explained that she meant that they were a cute pair of flip-flops!


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  • What? Wasn't that really redundant?

    The shoes, we call thongs.

    The kind of underwear with only a string in the back, we call g-strings.

    Does that answer it? :S


  • I'm not Australian, but I'd assume they'd just categorized them all as g-strings. Idk. Google?


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