I am the guy she's looking for?

this girl just got out of a 2 year relationship with a diff guy 3 weeks ago. Prom is in two weeks how do I show her I have feelings for her with out telling her. And also how do I convince her that I'm the right guy to date


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  • Sorry but you're not the right guy to date unless she finds you physically attractive & sexually appealing.

    Why not ask her out to see if she does instead of assuming you know what's good for her?

    • but if I ask her out and she doesn't like me then it will b awkward between us at prom...

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    • yea I no...i asked her to prom already your bad at advice

    • So the point of this question?

      Are you going as friends or dates?

      My advice was right- ask her out instead of assuming you're what's good for her.

      My opinion was wrong that you're not the right guy to date.

      Do you know the difference between advice & an opinion?

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  • a rag and some chloroform should do the trick.


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