What does it mean if your walking by and he looks at you, looks away looks into your eyes again...same here

I do the same thing, I'm wondering if he is feeling that way too? the way I do when I go by him? I know I'm not imagening it... when he sees me comming from a distants he'll purposly look straigh ahead... but off gaurd, its like were saying somthing to each other with our eyes..but are we I mean...does he just think I like him so he looks at me? or what? woderin?


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  • Well I always try to make eye contact with girls I like so it's a possibility. You should try talking to him...or at least smile when yall make eye contact.

    • somtimes I do, but its a perdicament to where.. I think I should'nt, but I really...? I should'nt but I really need somthing, I mean I really care for him I hope he does me? but I don't think so... I think he hates me

    • Well if he does hate you, it's not like smiling will make him hate you more or anything. Just try doing it every time you see him and see if he starts smiling back. If not, oh well...at leas you know.

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