Does olive oil or vegetable oil really make your hair healthier?

i read online that you could use olive oil or vegetable oil on your hair and that it will make your hair softer and smoother. is that true? if it is true, how much do I use? when [before or during shower]? thanks


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  • yes, olive oil is better then any product you can buy. |

    you don't need to use alot

    just rub it in to your hair leave in on for at least 15 minutes(longer if you want) wash it after though

    or even put it up loosely after with a shower cap and blow dry so the heat can let your hair absorb the stuff

  • Yes olive oil is good for your hair. You can use it as a hot oil treatment, or put it on at night when you sleep then wash it out in the morning. Just use enough to coat your hair