I always catch a girls looking at me. Why do girls do that?

I mean I try to not stand out too much and I wear nice cloves yet I get stared at and whispered about and laughed at? it really annoys .


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  • your grammar sucks.

    as for the Q:1. they're making fun of you

    2.they think you're cute

    could be either one of those

    • well I'm published and I'm careless and can't help it but I don't have bad grammar.

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    • Well your question has a lot of mistakes,and you're asking us to judge you (you want to know why they're laughing at you) so I draw my conclusion from what's offered-that conclusion is-your grammar sucks.

    • but that not logical because you can hear or see my finished poems or writing.

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  • laughed at ! they are making fun of you

  • Well, is the picture on your profile? Cause if it is you're cute(: and don't let it annoy you. Because us girls look for cute guyys and laugh, and all. Its just what we do.

    • add me as A frend ,I like your answerers I'll follow you but your anonymouse besides I'll have judge all my pics not just one.

  • I think you mean clothes, not cloves. And it whispered, not wispeared. It also would not hurt to brush up on your grammar.

    I do apologize for correcting your spelling and such, but if you want to impress any girl, you have to be able to know how to talk properly.

    • depend on who but I've actually published poetry in the top literary magazines in the us

      pretty impressive wouldn't you say? besides I lot females can't spell

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    • my pont is that I make fast and careless mistakes like everybody but please a bigger deal.

    • you can only get away with it in poetry if you know what you are doing lol

  • Girls tend to giggle around guys. Its immature I know but its something we do when were nervous. So its not necessarely a bad thing. You're probably a good looking guy and they were merely checking you out.


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