Guys: If a girl you like dressed in more mature clothing, would you still approach her?

I tend to have a more mature style of dressing. Some of my typical outfits include:

- black turtleneck with a grey high waisted tulip skirt that has a bow in the front with black tights and black flats.

- navy ruffled shirt with a black high waisted pencil skirt with black tights and black flats.


I think there might be a guy that likes me. he stares at me a lot during class. I've already had questions about it. but he never approached me.

I was wondering if it might be because he am intimidated by the way I dress, since I tend to dress more "fancy" for school. I like the way I dress, and I know I tend to "dress up" for school more than others, but that's me. He's the sweatshirt and jeans type of guy, so I don't know if I intimidate him. Please help! I would really appreciate it!

  • Yes. If I really like her, the way she dresses doesn't bother me at all.
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  • Yes, but I would still feel a little intimidated by how she dresses. It's a little fancier than I'm used to.
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  • No... I would feel too intimidated by her to approach her.
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  • No... I would think that she is stuck up because of the way she dresses.
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  • Other (please explain)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dressing well. Hmm. There are these women that dress up classy and seem just bit snobby. But then there are those who dress pretty much the same way but seem warm, approachable and not like they were bothered buy peasants around them.

    Maybe it's eyes,face or just expressions that make the difference.

    • Oh, and juggled between B and D. I ended up clicking B.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Hard to say, I have always been very shy with the ladies when I was playing the field, but the look you describe does not make you unapproachable but if you like him back, give him a little sign to go ahead and make the move. Maybe a smile back when you catch him stairing or something.

  • guys don't really look at how girls dress. But your style is respectable and it probably reflects your personality. Personally, I respect girls who are mature and display deeptough, and it sounds like you dress that way. So I guess guys don't consciously look at girls for what they wear, we do pick up on character hints from their wardrobe.

    and yes, guys do pay attention to skimply dressed girls, but it's not what they're wearing but rather what they aren't covering.


What Girls Said 1

  • awwwwww I love ur style first of all

    i like to have mature style too, but I kinda suck at putting outfits together so ya.

    i don't know if this helps, but I like GUYS who have good style

    im sure guys like it too

    actually I bet they don't care as long as you look hot in it

    (to them)