How do you know you are pretty?

This may seem like a silly question but I am 16 and see myself as pretty yet no guys ask me out or anything. I and 5 foot 8 130 lbs have nice boobs and butt and a pretty face. I think I am pretty and dress nicely. I recently lost like 25 lbs and cut my hair - I feel prettier now. Do guys notice? how do I know if I am really pretty or not? Why don't guys like me? please let me know!


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  • 1) Post your picture and dudes will tell you if you're pretty or not. In all seriousness, it's hard to say from our own perspectives whether or not we're attractive. People just don't judge themselves all that well.

    2) You seem a bit desperate. Guys can sense that, just like girls can sense if a guy is desperate. Get more comfortable with yourself, and just get into the mindset of "I'm okay if I don't have a boyfriend right now."

    3) You may, in fact, be very pretty, and that's intimidating all the guys. Watch out if that's the case, the few guys with the self confidence to approach you will often be jerks and will do nothing but mistreat you and destroy your self esteem.

    4) Why not approach some guys you like. I'm not saying necessarily ask them out, but get friendlier with them and kind of let them know you're interested. Guys won't just go after some random pretty girl, they usually go after a girl they know a little bit.

    • She is wanting to know how to post a pic...probably doesn't want to put it on her profile do you know how she can do a link?

    • Upload it to imageshare(, or equivalent service. Then copy/paste the "image for forums" URL.

      Unfortunately, my XPER level is too low for me to post an example - you need to be at least level 4.

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  • Your clothes and your description of your body cannot actually replace taking a look at you on a picture, most likely considering that the "body sizes" and your "clothing" are fairly irrelevant when I'm judging attractivity, and saying you "have a pretty face" well that's fairly subjective so who knows if you think the same as I do.

    Anyways, if you want guys to like you, you have to get in touch with them. It's always easier to get one out of many than get one out of none.

  • diabloknk read my you have the courage to post your pic and ask us?

    • how do you post a pic?

    • I asked diabloknk...u probably don't wan to put it on your profile...I had a gal that did that earlier today ..put a link righ tonto her question

  • Pics pleez

  • Did you c diabloknk's link instructions?


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