Why do girls dig guys with tattoos so much?

I mean most of the time it is pretty generic and lame with little purpose or meaning. Is it just because it looks cool/different?


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    AND...i'm not a fan of all this piercing either, I hate flesh tunnels, I once saw this guy, his holes in his ear lobe were so big, I reckon I could have got a whole digestive biscuit through it...SERIOUSLY, it was horrid...why do that..cause one day, your grand-kids will be able to play peek a boo through them..?

    If the tattoo actually has some significance, then I'm not too bothered, but I just hate that 'Oh lets get a tattoo of a thunder cat, cause then people will think I'm cool"...nah turn off for me, and don't like them on the face either...

    • so agree with you, just whenever I go to clubs I see these tools with tattoos and girls always seem to want to be with them. Yesterday saw one ugly mofo with the ear thing and a massive arm tattoo and he had these two chicks all over him on the dance floor.

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    • so is that why you broke up? he had a stupid nose piercing. he didn't like the physical abuse.

    • Lol...no that's not why we broke up, and had he not been tickling me, he wouldn't have been thumped.. =P Nah we broke up cause he was a controlling twit...but that's all over now and done with...

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  • I don't. I think tattoos are ugly. Especially those gross sleeve ones >.<

  • I don't. I find it some what trashy and a way to show the world that they are "rebellious".

    Anyways I know that the army and some work places will not hire people with certain tattoos if you know what I mean (*cough cough gang signs!)

    Anyways, with that being said I would never get a tattoo and if my husband does I'd have him remove it.


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  • Different? You have to get a tattoo to be with the mainstream crowd nowadays.

    • true, not really original to have a tattoo any more.

    • I laugh at how many senior citizens 50 or so years from now are going to have tattoos.

      "Hey Grandma, how did you get that tramp stamp?"

      "Well...it was a drunken bet back in good ol' days of 2011..."

  • the rebelious bad boy thing...?

    • Most likely but any tool can get it done now days. I would understand if mostly biker, gang member, etc got one. But now everyone gets one.

    • could just be a trend that girls are into... maybe itll change in the future

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