What can this guy do to look more attractive?


physically more attractive, any physical changes he could make.

there are more if you click on the other pics on the top right corner
im not him lol
I don't need answers for this question, please do not answer


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  • Honestly it isn't hard.

    Work out.


    Clean haircut.

    Take a shot of courage while he's at it.

  • No I'm not fishing for compliments honestly!

    If you read the question correctly it says to look MORE attractive not what do you think.

    I am looking for answers with plastic surgery options.


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  • Stop being a douchebag.

  • Ugh he's already asked this through chat,he really is good-looking,I don't see why he acts like he looks like shrek

    • LOL .. I don't kow just find ANYTHING you would change!

    • HEY! Shrek got the girl in the beginning and the end!

    • thats cause he's got personality

  • well the pic is kinda blurry, so it's hard to tell...he would look better if he grew out his hair more, the short cut makes his face look long and angular...he should obviously shave and use an acne cream or medication for any breakouts...also, he should work out and get a little muscle...and of course he should be clean and he should smell nice...hope that helps!

  • he doesn't have to change much at all, trust me he's beautt

    • i know but he doesn't know so -.-

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    • Then that's what he's got to work on not his physical appearance

    • exactly -.- and since he says he's ugly when people tell him he's not.. I think he's like an attention whore fishing for compliments

  • tan

    get his hair cut closer to his head

    work out and get bigger upper body muscles

    maintain his eyebrows a little better (but not to the point where it looks obviously tweezed/waxed)

    clear his complexion

    i don't think he's an ugly guy as is but he's not my type

  • Your just fishing for compliments, you've asked me a number of times what I thought through chat..same pictures different user name each time..sketchy. Somethings up.

    • im asking this for him.. he will see this anyway..

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    • Your anoymousn now, haha.

    • I just wanna be sure people don't think we're friends cause we aren't and we never were, asking this question was just me being kind :]

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