What are the signs that a guy likes you?

I have a hard time knowing when a guy is interested in me. When a guy smiles at me and looks deeply into my eyes and doesn't look away for along time. What should I take that as, he likes me, he is only flirting with me or what? I would take that as he likes me but I could be wrong since I haven't seen this guy in months.


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  • These are the signs a guy likes you:

    * He talks to you.

    * He adds you on Facebook.

    * He looks at you then looks away, or he looks at you and maintains eye contact.

    * His friends know you.

    * When you walk by he sorta stays still and looks at you when you're not looking.

    * He sits near you in class.

    * He shows off around you.

    two or more of those signs pretty much show he likes you. With guys, what you see is what you get.

    • Thanks for your answer.

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    • What is a guy does all these things and denys that he likes you?

    • Then Either your misinterpreting what he's doing or he's really shy around you.

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  • guys aren't subtle unless they are wimpy and afraid.

    Itl be hard to miss if a guy likes you.

    • a guy who likes you is going to :

      a: ask you out

      b:tell you your hot

      c: try to f*** you

      d: all of the above

      Of course the shy guys who inhabit this board are going to disagree because like girls they hide it if they like you and wait for 30 years HOPING you'll "notice" them. These same idiots get extremely mad and jealous when any guy with a teensy wincy bit of confidence walks up to the girl they like and is very direct and FORWARD because he has some balls.

  • Asailum, youi are a retard \/


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