Lemon juice to lighten hair?

Ive heard that using lemon juice in your hair can lighten it. So, if anyone knows or uses this technique: How long does it last? How many times do you have to put lemon juice in your hair to see the color change? How much of a difference would it make on dirty blond or dishwater blond hair? How long would I have to stay in the sun?


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  • Your hair will be dryer than Africa


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  • Mix equal parts of mayonnaise, bleach, and urine and apply to your hair generously. Let set overnight, and when you wake up in the morning the least of your worries will be what color your hair is.


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  • i heard lemon juice lightens skin tans.. but it didn't work.. I think it's just all in the head.. you think lemon juice lightens hair.. so you do it and think it actually does... but try it.. it actually may work :)


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