Ladies PLEASE - the old question Boxers or briefs?

Ladies, I really want to know because I have seen the styles change allot recently. I cannot stand boxers, just can't do it but feel sexier in certain styles. Feedback, answers, turn ons please.

  • Boxers - colored - plain etc
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  • Bikini type briefs - colors
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  • Old school tightie whities
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  • Spandex type snugg boxer briefs - colored
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  • GUYS PICK here if you want to see the results
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  • Boxer briefs or boxers, personally. I have issues with tighty whities, as my dad only wears them and they bring back bad flashbacks to childhood breakfasts before my dad realized maybe we didn't want to see his belly (he's not shy at all, you'd have to know him). And I dated a guy that wore bikinis and it was just, well, wrong to me.


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  • boxer briefs are sexier if you have a hot body, if not just wear boxers.

  • boxers or boxer briefs. the whole briefs thing never really grew on me. but boxer briefs are nice. boxers a nice too.

  • Stick to the classic - Boxers. Even if it is a hot model in a magazine or something, if he is wearing boxer briefs or anything else, he just won't look sexy to me.

  • if you cannot stand boxers then wear boxer briefs.the're just as sexy

  • Hahahaha this is such a funny question!

    Personal opinion, but it's so much manlier not to wear tight-fitting clothes (t-shirts, jeans, boxers, etc.)

    Even if hot guys wear tight clothes and have amazing bodies, I still think they're unmanly.

    • Thank you for the opinion, never thought of it as gender related but makes sense.

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