A cellist invite me to his show and I've never hung out with musical guys before?

The show is actually a competition. And he'll be in a string quartet playing Mozart. We only talked online before for a short time. I'm not that musical and am a little bit nervous about the "date".

OK, I know these questions are silly, but...Should I dress like for a concert? or is it too formal for a competition? And do you bring flowers or anything to occasions like that? I never had any musical people in my circle, so I've no idea what's going on and what should I do.

I do want to leave a good first impression. Any advice or comment will be appreciated!


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  • It's not like he's actually Mozart playing. You don't have to dress formally. Look nice as you always should when going on a date. Flowers aren't necessary or particularly desired. Musicians are generally the same as your regular friends except something they'll stand in front of an audience and display one of their skills.


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