To all the guys who ask "Why do girls wear skimpy clothing and get mad when we notice?", this is for you.

I know this isn't a question, but a friend of mine just showed it to me and it reminded me of all the questions about this I see on here.



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  • I have no idea if you're trying to say they're right or wrong O_o

    but I agree with him,and if we dress a certain way,we should expect attention,like wearing a bikini,a poncho and riding a donkey-you're bound to get some attention,I mean I stare at shirtless guys all the time,it doesn't mean I think they're whores,I just think they're hot and asking for attention


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  • The only people who call each other whores about the way women dress is ... women.


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  • This was a waste of space. No offense, but you don't even make any clear point. What are you trying to say?

    • If you don't like it, forward it to a mod and have them delete it.

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    • if you don't like it. don't comment. your answer was more of a waste of space than the ? itself. idiot

    • Wow, I was trying to be civil. And that's funny telling me not to comment - you post something in an open-ended forum, and you're gonna get answers you don't like.

      Read the answer above mine - she said she has no idea what you're saying either. It's just a fact, not an attack.

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