Guys-what do we say to you?

I know guys like to talk about themselves. That's a non-issue. But in conversation (read: flirting) what can we say to make you melt, to make you want to pick us up and hug us? Without being all gushy,obviously.and what should we NEVER bring up?


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  • Ralph pretty much answered the first question, but one thing I can think of that you should never bring up is exboyfreinds, and I don't mean to just bring them up casualy, that's fine, but when girls go into long or deep convos about there ex its just like WTF

  • Copliment us in a deep sence not in the sence of I like your shoes because that means sh*t I'm talking about emotions stuff your really nice blah blah blah etc you get it I just killed the pig now go make the bacon!


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