Feather extensions: Cute or stupid?


I really want to get some. I have semi wavy, long brown hair (just below my boobs, which are D cups). Cute or dumb?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i think it lookks cute if you have one or two but too many is ugly


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What Guys Said 2

  • Since you're younger, I would say cute. Try to stay away from this look when you hit adulthood though. That's my opinion. Was your boob size a necessary point? Haha.

    • Well your hair would be considerably shorter if your hair went past your boobs and you were an A.

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    • Okay. Anything past your shoulders would be considered medium to long. Certainly long enough to have feather extensions in. You're clearly missing my point and making me regret bothering giving you my opinion. I won't be commenting on this further since you're wasting my time.

    • agreed that's what I was gonna say.

  • You worded the question badly. It hasn't happened yet, but there's a lot of people on here who are very easily influenced. A lot of the guys on here dislike girls who go and get accessories and do girlie things, and because you've suggested that there's a chance they might be stupid, they'll instantly say 'Ugh, womany things, I like modesttraditionalwomenlahdedahtonymetalalwayshadapointlahdedah' and they'll say "They're stupid, girls these days, ugh, ugh, faux-nostalgiabation"

    You know. LOL. Didn't you ever do persuasive writing in school? Hahah.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think they're so cute! I just recently got them and I'm in love!

  • i have considered getting them, they are cute, and my friend loves them.

  • why do you gotta mention that yur boobs are D cups? haha.. wow. but no offense, I think it looks kinda lame. why do people always gotta add some unnatural sh*t in. weaves and extensions.. that natural looking.. but feathers are meant to be left on birds...?


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