Is your bra size correct according to this video?

Super cool video I just found and honestly makes a lot of sense in it's logic. I pretty much only wear sports bras or bralettes which are either one size or S/M/L sizing and I wanted to figure out my actual bra size. So I found this video.

I'm rlly surprised at my calculated size and looking it up (seeing some people with same size posting on other sites) it seems like it's a possibility it is my actual size. Even tho it seems kinda unrealistic lol due to the fact that I'm so used to thinking a bigger cup size means a bigger chest (apparently that's incorrect, mostly depends on the band size). Tho it appears that it's a more rare bra size cause my band size is only 26" which is harder to find as brands don't typically make band sizes that small 😭 so unless I find some brands that carry my size, i'll have to wear a slightly different size (sister sizing)The video goes into how you can tell if you're wearing the incorrect size to explaining how to measure. How to tell your size based off the measurements and a bit about what a cup size actually means.
If you're a little lazy then here's the key notes for how to measure:
Band size
- Get as close to naked as possible or get naked
- wrap a measuring tape directly under your bust
- make sure the tape at your back and sides is even and parallel to the ground
- make sure the tape is tight
- that's your band size
Bust size
- bend over so your torso is parallel to the ground (this is so your breast tissue falls forward as it may have been pushed to the side)
- wrap the measuring tape around your bust (the fullest point)
- make sure the tape is even and parallel all around
- make sure you're loosely measuring your bust
- that's your bust size
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How cup sizes are relative to band size: ---> cup size means nothing without band size

Is your bra size correct according to this video?
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