Eye contact flirting advice?

I read this on a site:

"Eye contact

This can go in one of two possible directions. [...] If he’s not the shy type, stare him down. Sometimes it’s those small awkward moments that send you both into each other’s arms."

What do you think? Good advice?

I've caught this guy staring at me, literally bumping into me in a deserted hallway when there was more than enough space for him, touching me unnecessarily during PE games, intently listening to every word I say to my friend when he's a few metres away in class, striking up extremely random conversations with me (Hey! You write with a fountain pen!). I want to make it a bit obvious that I'm attracted to him (as well?).

What to do? Follow this website's advice?

And sorry for exhaust you with my mundane questions.


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What Guys Said 1

  • ok...is he shy. if he is the talk to him first if not...stilll talk to him first I think he likes you but that's just me

    • He's the outgoing type, but to a degree, most people are shy at heart when they're my age. Especially around crushes.

      I have talked with him and I will, but I want to give some more obvious clues because I don't think he has any idea of what I actually think of him.

    • um...do'es he look at you when your not looking, is he's pupil's a little bigger because it's been show that a guy's pupil's well get bigger when he's around the guy/girl he likes. do'es he's body move when you move. so...ya...my the gods watch over you

What Girls Said 1

  • LOL what an awesome pick up line "Hey! you write with a fountain pen". Good thing is he clearly likes you. I know we think we are flirting with guys and they just don't get it...so maybe be really forward and say he looks cute or something, or you like his shirt, if you do the latter you could like stroke his shirt and make eye contact. That seems pretty damn obvious

    • Thanks for the advice! Haha, I know, it's so comical, those were the first few words he ever really spoke to me (besides the inevitable things that you exchange if you're in a class together), I had no idea what to answer, I was so bewildered!

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