What is your top category rank? :)

Mine is Relationships: I'm the 53rd :D

Next come: Other: 83, Behaviour: 95

Everything else is : 100+

So, my best advices goes to the relationships' questions ;)

I think it makes sense because I like to analyze others' behavior and relationships.

What are you best at? and do you think it makes sense? ;)

P.S. You can find that by clicking on the "Xper" Button ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • other- #3 (one day I'll be #1)

    behavior- #13

    style- #26 (even tho I totally lack it)

    i barely bother with the other categories, so I don't know my rankings in them.


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What Guys Said 6

  • On my old account I was number 4 in other I think. I don't remember the rest. I know I was also number 4 overall for all guys and all users I was 7 or 8. I'll catch back up. I got 2500 in a month. :P

    • haha, you and eddy bailing moved me up :P

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    • lol

    • break up is my worst one too

  • Dating 45

    Relationships 36

    Sexuality 82

    Style 100+

    Break-Up 65

    Flirting 100+

    Behavior 67

    Other 55

    • So, do you think it makes sense having the highest score in Relationships & Dating? :)

    • I guess? I dunno. I answer any and anything I come across that is a poll or the title seems interesting. I get very bored at work sometimes >.>

    • haha :)

  • I was 10th overall for guys in other before but I haven't really answered many questions as of late and I noticed someonelse is. Behavoir I'm like 52nd Dating 71 and everythingelse I'm like 100+

  • The ranking doesn't have anything to do with the QUALITY of answers given, sadly.=P

    • mind if you share?

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    • which categories? lol

    • oops. My rank is 58 over all. 37 in Guys 37 in Relationships.

  • 63 in Other

    70 in Sexuality

    100+ in the rest of them.

  • Other for me. I'm 500+ in all categories though.


What Girls Said 6

  • Style, I'm ranked 5. :D Man, I'm pretty proud of that lol.

    And 17 in Other. (9 among girls though, yay!)

    Everything else is 100+, haha.

    I guess that does make sense, I'm into style and random stuff (what is basically on the Other board, haha). And I don't know sh*t about flirting, dating, relationships, etc. So I never answer anything on any of the other boards.

  • 20 in Style.

    21 in Other.

    50 in Sexuality.

    The rest are 100+, but that's not too shabby I guess, because I don't really browse the other categories very much.

  • Behavior 85

    Other 27

    Everything else is 100 +

    • So, you think it makes sense?

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    • Good luck :)

    • Thank you :)

  • Dating 117

    Relationships 141

    Sexuality 135

    Style 99

    Break-Up 89

    Flirting 78

    Behavior 126

    Other 75

    • Uh oh your highest in other & flirting ;) Are you a good flirt then? lol

    • oh really? I thought they are the lower lol

      i don't know how to flirt though lol

  • I'm 15 in Other :)

  • Hi Sally. XD

    Do you love my new profile picture or what?

    Anyway, my ranks are...

    Other- 2nd

    Style- 4th

    Flirting- 14th

    Dating- 17th

    Behavior- 20th

    Relationships- 31st

    Sexuality- 34th

    Breakup- 100+

    I think it's pretty accurate. Sexuality and Break-up being my "worst" makes sense because I don't have much experience with either. And other and style pretty much reflects my general knowledge as a younger girl haha.

    • so I have to knock you off to get ahead in other? :P

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    • hmmm, didn't think of the roofie angle :O

    • >:)

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