What does it mean when a girl looks/stares at a guy but that's it?

I've noticed a few cute girls in my uni library lately and I don't know whether they notice me in return. I would love to approach them but most of the time I need a smile to give me the green light. But on a few occasions these girls would just sit there and stare at me but nothing else. They just stare. So I stare back hoping to keep eye contact and sometimes they do hold eye contact but I still don't know what they're thinking. Is staring at a guy without a smile some sort of small sign that a girl wants a guy to approach her? Or could she just be scanning the place and looking who's around?


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  • It's really hard for lots of girls to smile first if they're interested (shy ones especially)...I know that doesn't make your job any easier but is there anyway you could take the first step with a small friendly smile?

  • She could just be glancing around but her holding your gaze shows that she was looking at u. Try smiling at them, not an over the top grin but a small shy smile just enough to let her know that you don't mind her looking at you...good luck


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