Cute Pictures With Boyfriend?

Hey everyone! It's almost summer, YAY!

Anyways, my question is what are some cute idea of pictures with your boyfriend. A.k.a. like poses and such. One of us will be taking pics, my b.f. is like 4 inches taller than me. We don't have very many pictures and we have been dating for over 3 and a half years! I think it is about time to have some pictures of us! :D (the pics are going to be fully clothed and cute not sexy - want to be able to show them to our parents :P) Oh and when my boyfriend takes pics they are always at a terrible angle and look bad. How to fix that?

Anyways what's your advice?


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  • This probably isn't the greatest suggestion but if your looking for a cute picture that you can show parents and friends:

    Then you can take one with you standing in front and him behind you, with his arms around you and his head resting on top of yours (of course you'll need a 3rd party to snap the picture though).


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