What makes girls feel attracted to a guy?

I don't know what to do to make a girl feel attraction to me. Yes I might not have the best body in the world, but at the same time I have seen a lot worse. Also I am handsome, cute and funny, yet I don't know how to make a girl feel attracted to me other then the initial meeting and first couple dates.


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  • dude when I hear girls response when they are asked a question like this it is totally different then what I see them do or act on. I have a lot of female friends and you can ask them straight up "what attracts you in a guy or what do you look for?". And they pause and give you this automated response of what they think they are "supposed" to say. then when we are all out somewhere I see what they really do. we were at a restaurant/bar just this past Friday, 2 guys and 6 girls. been friends for years and they let their guard down around me. these are the things I overheard from these girls while they were checking out different guys. 1) he is tall and has big hands, I bet he has a big d*ck. 2) which one of them was driving? I saw them all get out of the hummer but who is the one that owns it? look and see which one is holding keys when they come in. 3) his teeth are straight but they aren't white enough for me. he would have to get some bleaching done first. You get the point. but these are the same girls that give me "Sunday school" answers when I ask them questions like this. personality, be his self, nice guy, blah blah blah. And 2 of these girls go to my church! that's why its hard to get good advice from people because when you ask them a real question they all go into polititian mode, girs and guys. they are only gonna be straight forward about things that don't make them look like a ad person. but a persons actions show how they feel about the topic. so don't ask girls when you want to know something, watch girls when you want to know something.

    just do your thing bro. don't go out of the way to change yourself up for girls cause they don't know what they want themselves. it all depends on the way the wind is blowing that day for them. just do your thing and be happy being you and eventually you will find a non psycho/disfunctional girl that will appreciate that. you do have to approach girls though and talk to them. but if you are already doing that, then just relax and don't think about it so much. I find that when I'm just enjoying life and not worrying about girls and their ways, a good one comes along out of nowhere and takes interest in me. so good luck and hang in there.


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  • be your self that's the best you can do talk and get to know girls and they will like you for you that's the best you can do its not looks or body type that matters its just the conection between towo people that make an atraction 50% of the time if you are atrackted to a girl they are atracted to you.

  • Well, don't think to much about your appearence, just try to look clen and neat. Mainly work on having a bubly personality. Listen to her but don't expect her to talk the whole time. Don't tell to many jokes but keep the conversation light and appropriate. Also make yourself to a person that the girl can rely on when she needs you. Have the values of honety and trustworthyness(if that's a word lol). Let me know how it works out...good luck


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  • it goes looks > penis size > money > lastly personality

    • yea if he's looking for a realationship with a shollow hooker you perve

    • no most women are like this

  • I really don't know what that answer will be, but I sure wanna know when you find the answer what that answer is. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm thinking either she is or isn't gonna be attracted no matter what you do to yourself.


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