Why do you deserve a good guy?

girls why do YOU deserve the man of your dreams? explain!

and what does the man of your dreams look like?


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  • i often hear girls complaining disney gave them unrealistic expectations of men. but for some reason most girls don't seem to get that to get your prince charming you have to act like a princess

    • I would like this 10 times if I could but alas, I can give only 1 :(

    • soooo true !

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  • This is a good question! I've only been in one relationship in my life and the one I was in it ended because he tried to rape me. That was in 2009. Ever since then I help my friends out with their problems and I'm told I give great advice. The last time I had feelings for a guy my best friend promptly dated him with full knowledge that I did have feelings for him. I'm a full-time student and work part time cashiering and deal with the public constantly, I'm always worrying about my future and I don't concern myself often with free time when I know I should. I'm stubborn, independent, and I'm a hard worker. Many of my friends try to set me up with guys and it never works out because there is always a major flaw with them, (drug addict, free-loader, or just zero personality). So yeah, I feel like I deserve some bit of happiness.

    • I hope you find it :)

    • Oh! And he just needs to be a good guy that takes good care of himself with great goals. And he can make me laugh and respects me like I would respect him.

  • I deserve a great guy, because he deserves a great girl like me.


What Guys Said 3

  • I think this is a very good question. I don't often rate questions but you, sir, will be getting a "5" star rating.

  • Good question. Not in the sense of "Yeah, lets get back at them" but more like a guy is actually looking out for the best for himself. Rather than rely on society's standard that says a man chases after a woman just because...your question says "Why MUST I chase just anyone? If I'm good, then I deserve to have them prove themselves just as much as I prove myself."

    It's equality at it's finest :)

  • Yeah, what makes them so goddamn special? hahaha


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