What does an ideal workout consist of?

how long, what type of exercise - weight or cardio, what exercises, etc.

and any other exercise/workout advice


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  • Every good workout routine has to have a warmup. The warmup, like breakfast is to your day may be the most important part of a successful and injury free training session.

    The warmup consists of any light exercise to get all the muscles and ligaments warmed up and primed for action, followed by stretching those ligaments and muscles.

    Trust me, this is the most important part of the best workout routine. If you’ve ever been injured because you pushed a cold, tight muscle, you know exactly what I mean.

    When you've started to perspire from your warmup, that's when you know you’re done your warmup. So how intense should your warmup be? Essentially, you should be able to hold a conversation with somebody without much difficulty breathing.

    Work your basic stretching from the head/neck on down to your calves/ankles. Stretching may seem like a waste of time, but it will help prevent you from injuring yourself. Who wouldn’t want to be limber enough to slip out of an arm bar or do the splits.

    If you want to design your own workout routine, optimally it should last 30-60 minutes. Why would I say that? Well, from the research that's been done, growth hormone output is maximized during physical exercise in that time frame. If at all possible, creating the best workout routine that fits into that time frame will help you attain your exercise goal that much faster. Growth hormone has been said to be the real fountain of youth. If you want fast results, trust me, you definitely want as much of this stuff in your system as possible.

    High intensity in a good workout plan is essential. Well, not 100% essential, but if you want fast results, it really is. Yes, that old cliche, “No pain, no gain.”? It's true.

    A good rule of thumb for maximum intensity in your workouts is, if it hurts and/or you have to mentally push yourself to finish one more repetition, then you have the right level of intensity. Of course listen to your body. If you just started an exercise program, don't go until you pass out and they have to call you and ambulance. Use your discretion and increase the intensity more and more as you can handle it. Start slow is the best way. Try a basic 2day or a 3day workout routine and progress to more advanced daily workout schedules as you get more accustomed to working out. Above all, keep pushing and challenging yourself.

    Rest is the final secret to creating the best workout routine. You need enough rest between exercise sessions for both muscle recovery and mental recovery. Getting the proper amount is not only essential for your body to recover, but it keeps you in the proper state of mind to keep you going back to the gym.

    The above are only guidelines. You could take more days of rest to recover or you could need more days rest to recover. The biggest thing is, listen to your body.


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