Dress code for interns?

Hello all,

Thank you for your time and responses. I was given the chance for an internship in NY and I start in about 10 days. My questions is that I do not know how to dress for the internship. I am flying up from Florida to NY for the summer internship and I have worked really hard at making a good impression with my recruiter. So I don't want to risk annoying him with a silly question such as "What should I wear?", as if we were two girlfriends about to go out on the town.

Is it okay to ask him via email about this? I do not want to pack too much because of baggage fees with the airport so I can't afford to pack more than what I will essentially NEED. Just the essentials. Thanks again.

If it helps, the internship is with the Mets baseball team, so I expect a lot of running around doing miscellaneous tasks.


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  • What kind of internship is it? I know people who have done internships with baseball teams, but they were all in the production department, so I don't know if that would help you. Generally speaking, production is all t-shirts and jeans. For something more management related, business casual.

    I doubt the recruiter would mind if you sent him an e-mail saying that you only have so much room in your luggage, what exactly should you bring so that you're not wasting space. If you're really not comfortable doing that though, think about what people who work in that field wear. Your safest bet is khakis, a collared shirt, and comfortable shoes (I think a tie would be overdoing it).

    Random question, but where are you staying during your internship? Whether you have to take the subway or not, definitely learn it. That's my advice to you as an intern in NYC lol

    • The internship is with the teams Media Relations department. I actually gave in and emailed him lol. The answer was business casual. No suits, just shirt and tie.

      And I am first staying in a Hostel in Brooklyn, then I have reservations with a more "set" dorm type of place that's a lot more student/intern friendly in Manhattan. Obviously, I'd be working in Queens since that's where the team is situated.

    • Will you be taking the subway? Because the commute from Brooklyn will be long. From Manhattan, it really depends on which part you're in.

      That's a pretty nice deal though, staying in Manhattan.

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  • i would google it or find out via people who work there. since your not sure its better to probably overdress if it looks to dressy they will be impressed and tell you to take it down a notch plus you can see after the first day or 2 what other interns are wearing and mimic them. anyway dress kakis, shirt, and tie...but since its summer and baseball related id do kakis, collared short sleeved shirt, or button down with comfy dress shoes. if not sure google ?s like this and you'll be ok...but its always better to overdress. especially and the first day or 2 and see what others are wearing

    • Thanks. I have a feeling he'll probably say business casual since it's the summer time but I'm not for sure on it. And as a guy, packing a suit deserves a whole other bag on its own since you can't afford to pack it in with regular shirts/jeans/etc.

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