Why do you wear skirts, girls?

please explain this to me

and if anyone says because its hot, then I'm just gonna say, THEN PUT SHORTS ON. if anyone says because theyre comfy, well aren't shorts comfy and jeans as well etc...

why else would you wear them?
btw, I don't dislike them. I'm just curious why you do. other than those two reasons I listed. I wanna see if anyone can admit the truth
damn, I haven't seen the answer I want yet. keep trying though


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  • why skirts, and not shorts... Well... because skirts are hotter then shorts, they are more stylish, easier to put a chic look together with them, and because girls like to temp the guys with them:p

    • r you courting missy? :)

    • best answer...so far. it was a tie between you and elizabeth

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