Do you think he liked me?

I liked this guy and we were at a 4 day camp where we met. He first introduced himself to me We kept on running into each other for activities and he smiled. The next day, we went to the same event and he really wasn't around me but then again I didn't really know where he was either (trying to be super honest here). After that, we went to lunch. Since I had my eye on him I saw him go somewhere else to sit. Later on he came back to my table with his friends (we conveniently had two chairs left over). The whole time he was looking in my general direction up or around - he was across from me - but not directly at me.

Then we had an event which was divided up into tables and we knew who was gonna be at our tables ahead of time- he was at mine. I ended up being around 5 minutes late and there was a seat waiting for me right beside him. He was looking in my general direction the whole time, saying random things to me and also knocked his knee into mine twice to get my attention. I even saw him check me out. I kinda dismissed it because he kept on talking about how great an artist the little girl beside me was. Every time I would say something to the whole group - he would comment. He was always looking over me at her - once again general direction. Later on we had a party going on and we were talking about this beautiful girl who was leaving ( he didn't say she was pretty though) and then brings the conversation back to getting to know about me?


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  • i think he finds you attractive


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