Is it weird people didn't recognize me?

So I normally wear mascara and coverup and that's hair was in layers and looked OK. I first wore a minni skirt that random people came up to me and told me it was cute and I heard a bunch of girls saying that it was a super cute skirt. I just got my hair cut and now have bangs and a cut that kindof frames my face...I wore eyeliner and eyeshadow for like the first time and jeans and a shirt. some of my friends didn't regconize me and walking down the hall and in class..a bunch of guys looked at me. I am usually the quiet one people forget about but I am just wondering if its a good thing or what? I am not slutty and I am dressing the same but could alittle makeup and a new hair cut really change guys minds?


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  • its odd to see someone do something they don't normally do. so that's why you got the attention. if a guy likes an outgoing girl then they probably think you want to become more outgoing, but why change your personality just for a guy. he should like you for you, not the way you dress, right?

    • i didn't change for a guy. I got a new hair cut and deciced to wear more makeup...I act and dress the same though...:)

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    • It's fine...I understand a lot of girls do that but I didn't do it to impress anyone. I just wanted to try something different and even today (3rd day in a row) girls are complimenting me:) Thank you for apologizing though:)

    • even if YOU think your doing it for URSELF, you're going to get attention elsewhere. people judge you based on your appearance, that's a fact, and UR welcome

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  • i guess it was the change that got their attention


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