How should I get my hair cut next time?

I want it to look like something that a girl would find attractive. I know all girls are different so what do you personally like girls?


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  • usually long-ish rocker type hair (as long as it doesn't cover your face,or you look like beiber) and afros

    • Long? I don't like it long.

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    • it does,on him,cause he looks gay in general lol that's why I said keep it natural,just get the same cut,but make it a bit more messy and go a bit shorter.the point is,keep it long in the middle of your head like a mohawk,and keep the sides shorter

    • I guess that is something to think about at least thanks for answering.

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  • I like short, spikey, styled hair. I don't like curly hair on guys but in general I notice other things as well besides hair.


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