BOYS!: Would You Rather..?

Would you rather have an average height blond slim girl who isn't the smartest, but isn't completely stupid with: brown eyes, big heart, lovely personality, caring, can sing and funny.


Would you rather have a short brunette, bigger that slim who is also not the smartest, with: green eyes, can be a b**ch sometimes, and can tap dance...?//


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  • Well I'd like to say hello to "girl 1" since I'm assuming, from all of her positive attributes, that it's you. Personally, I would have to choose the only one who is seen in a flattering light.


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  • hah I wonder which one you are...

    don't come here to rant

  • #1 sounds fine, though I'd be the judge of her characteristics.

    #2: "can be a bitch sometimes"- NOPE

  • I'd go for girl #1. I've always liked a girl that can sing. All the other positive are great too.

  • Guys don't think that way.

    • I bet they do really..

    • Nope, that's female thinking. Totally nitpicky and judgmental.

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  • I'm guessing you're having some guy issues and are letting off some steam in a biased way to get guys opinions positive about you to make you feel better...? If you have some boy problems then don't be afraid to ask for advice. If a guy chose that "brunette tap-dancer" over you then that's always sucky on the other side no matter what she is like. However, there are plenty of fish in the sea and I'm sure you're bound to find a guy that likes girls who can sing and are funny.

    • Don't wallow in self pity

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    • Funny, I totally understood what she was saying. And it was NOT 'pity me'.

    • Woops sorry, misread that.

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