Girls, how do you keep your hair curly (after curling it) to the next day if your natural hair was straight?

other than using hair spray ?

Ive already used plenty

any tips for overnight care? I don't know if there's anything I can do for when I'm asleep, but in in a bun, braid it, twist it leave it as it is?

a friend says a bun would work but the curls are tight (here if you wanna see link ) I'm afraid I would only make the curls bigger


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  • well curl your hair RIGHT before you go to bed , and use this:


    it makes your curls really bouncy & nice . and put your hair in a low ponytail after you use it.

    in the morning it'll still look good and curly :) but it depends on what kind of hair you have!

    • thanks for answering :D

    • no problem :)

      thanks for best answer ! :D

    • ur welcome, I was getting bored, I didn't get any answers, all my other questions have more than 1 answer, and this seems like an unpopular one, so I guess you deserve credit for answering a question no one else bothered to answer :D

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  • sock bun! go on youtube and search for it. amazing


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