Could being quiet and having really high standards force me to end up alone?

I'm fairly quiet and when I do approach women to ask them out I'm usually pretty direct, but I don't ask many women out because I don't find my type very often. Usually I'm only interested if she is pretty smart with common interests and has a nice body.

I don't ever compromise my standards, and I'm told women tend to prefer outgoing men that are 'leaders' of other men.


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  • Most likely since you're limiting your options & not playing an active role.

    If you're only options are those that approach you and you never compromise & have really high standards most likely the ones that approach won't be your type and you'll end up alone.

    • So what you're more or less saying is desirable women don't approach men lol

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    • try reading conversation for dummies.

      join toastmasters

      try saying hi to everyone for a day

      observe what others do

    • I don't really pay attention to what other people do

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