How to get over facial asymmetry?

I have a problem. I don't want to sound ungrateful because I know there are many worse conditions and things in the world people worry about. But I feel insecure about my facial asymmetry. When I look at people all around me and people on social media and in real life... Most people have a good amount of facial symmetry and I don't. When I take pictures it's noticable. This is one reason I get self conscious being on camera. And when I stare in the mirror for a long time I keep pointing all the differences and asymmetrical features and I feel so bad because of it. I feel like I'm not normal because of it. No body has ever pointed it out or even said that I look asymmetrical but I can see it and it makes me extremely self conscious... How can I get over this , how can I feel okay and embrace it and feel confident? I'm scared of taking pics and videos and even with just thinking about being with a partner and feeling this way. How can I stop. What should I do?
How to get over facial asymmetry?
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