I don't want to be desperate with him, I just want to enjoy talking and getting along right now.

My ex fiancé and I broke of a ten year relationship 9 months ago he got serious w another girl after we broke up well bout two weeks ago that relationship when down hill and for the past week me and him have started talking again before I go to far we have a seven year old son together too so that has a lot to do with how to handle the situation the past three days we have been together when not at work he has said he loves me he said he wanted to take time this time not jump in serious just enjoy each other company and see where things go he's not ready to just jump back together which is fine w me because I'm not either this morning he texted said he had stuff to do after work and I said fine I do too so no problem but advice is if you were in my shoes or as the guy how should I act and think I want him to realize just what his family means to him that's why I'm OK w taking time but what should I look for to make sure I'm not just being used I don't want to be desperate with him I just want to enjoy talking and getting along right now so just asking in my shoes what would can I do to make his mind on me but not be pushy what lit things can make a guys heart race .. Come on ladies and gentleman all advice is open


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  • If I was you I would take some time and look at the pros and cons don't just jump back into a realtionship he may be on the rebound or may realized you was the one he wants to be with. I also think you should talk to him about this..ur feelings matter

    I hope I helped

    Good luck

  • relax, and forget u've eva known each other b4. listen to his needs and fears like you just met &he wil fall in love with you again,only dis time a more attentive&loving you! don't b afraid of being pushy...women are only pushy when dey are afraid...dont be AFRAID, be URSELF


    Hugs & kisses 2 your 7yr old boy, o.k?


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