Do you like Bangs??

Hey guys I was wondering if you think girls can look hot with bangs?

I know a lot of guys think girls look childish. There is even an anti-girl with bangs Facebook group haha. So do you like them or hate them? Please be honest! Thank you!

I personally think Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous with the bangs.


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  • Okay to be honest I think bangs are super cute! I really think it depends though. Some girls can pull them off and other girls look really stupid with bangs. Some girls can pull off any hair style, but some girls can't. They do look a little childish, but childishness can make a girl more cute and appealing. I go for cute girls and not the sexy hot type. So, I think bangs are great. I actually wish more girls at my school tied them.


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  • Whaaat? Bangs are f***ing awesome, didn't even know there was hate for them. :S


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