How to have longer hair?

that is without hair pieces, brades, and stuff like that. how to make it grow faster naturally. I am black so naturally my hair is thick and short, I perm it so it is straight but how can I make it longer?
my hair stops right at my shoulders


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  • Alot of patience ;)

    Try not to damage your hair to much and get regular haircuts! trust me if you don't you'll end up having to cut of ALOT.

    Get a haircut every 5-6 weeks if you're growing your hair out and ask your hairdresser to only take of 1-1.5 centimeter.

    For the rest be patience and take good care of your hair, by the way pretty hair comes form a healthy scalp so while wahing your hair masage your scalp softly with your fingertip. It'll clean of the dirt and stimulate growth =D

    • yeah I cut it every 6 weeks at the hairdresser, only the ends.

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    • OH! and if possible try to avoid using heat tools as much as you can, it damages your hair and by that slows down the process. Always use heatprotectant if you really must use the tools =D

    • oh OK, thanks

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  • -Cleanse your hair regularly

    -Eat a well balanced diet(Protein, vitamins, minerals)

    *Salmon, Oysters, Bananas, avocados, chickpeas,edamame,lean meat, eggs, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, etc.

    -Deep condition your hair once a week with a cholesterol conditioner

    I'm biracial but my hair is in the middle of my back:)

    • wow, OK. that's the lenght I want.

  • try putting olive oil in your hair, leave it in for 30 min to an hour (or a couple of hours)- olive oil has no negative effects on your hair. then wash it off with your regular shampoo. do this once a week, it should help :)

  • I take protein and silica.

  • My hair is very long, down to the small of my back. I never really cut it short and I always do a fast shampoo, less then 1 minute, and the rest of the shower I deep condition. People always tell you to use about a quarter size, I use about 5-7 quarter sizes. :) Also my hair is extremely thick as well, what I do is use A LOT of product. I will use Sunkist's (in a pink bottle) and Garners Shine Pump thing. (green see through bottle) But do not put a lot on the roots, or else it looks greasy. TRIM split ends, and do not color treat it till you have it to the length you want. I hope this helps! :)

  • biotin and the head and mane shampoo


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