What should I wear for my age?

I have one outfit that I wore on my now 2-year-old half-sister's early birthday party and one of my cousins told me that I look good in clothing like those. Looking at the clothing they wear sometimes, I wanted to wear something similar to that, but I am too overprotective about my body - rather shy.

The outfit I had wore is a one-piece clothing. (Shirt-pants type of clothes that are together. It also shows my cleavage if I wear a bra or not. Sorry if I didn't explain it right for you to not get the description).

I normally wear whatever with a coat or jacket. Going somewhere, I'll wear anything tacky - at least my wearing clothes, right?
Not anything like shorts or crop-tops or anything of that sort. I'll wear normal shirts, some blank and some not. I don't wear any shirts that have curse words or slurs of such, but some sort of "emo" titles (that's as close as I can come up with, with what kinds of shirts I wear). I mostly have wordless/quoteless shirts.
As for pants, I started wearing sweats and leggings sometime in 2018.

The most important question: should I wear what makes me feel comfortable?

It's not like I'm trying to impress anyone or anything, but receiving a compliment like that, I just wanted more compliments like it. The only compliments I received are the ones for me having a "beautiful smile" and that I'm clever and smart. I got tired of them, but being told that I am clever and smart makes me realize a few things.

At home, I'll wear whatever, like I'm going somewhere. I thought sleeping in shorts without underwear made me uncomfortable and it does when I'm sharing a bed with someone. I never slept in bed with shorts nor slept naked. I found it to be uncomfortable and just sleep fully clothed.

I think this is normal. My little 12-year-old half-sister sleeps with her underwear off and shorts on and she'll sometimes go to bed without underwear and shorts. I found it highly disturbing.
What should I wear for my age?
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