He showed off for me, and then was rude...

I like this guy, he could kinda tell that I liked him and he tricked my friend into telling him. The day he found out he invited himself to my house and was showing off heaps playing my guitar. But now he's acting all cocky and mean and I don't know what I can say to kinda put him in his place. But I still want him to like me at the same time. please helppppp!


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  • if he came over & is showing off there's a very good chance he likes you too.

    difficult to know how to solve your problem without knowing how the guy is going to react.

    you could try telling him that "you like him but not when he's being a d*ckhead".

    you might be able to get your friend to tell him the same sort of of thing, although how she was "tricked" into giving away your secrets is a mystery :P

    you might have to suck it up & ignore him for a bit, until he calms down & stops making a big deal out of this. unfortunately there's also a good chance he's spread it around, so be prepared for that (just be calm & mature about it - preserve the moral high ground)

    good luck


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  • the reason for it is he might like you but he's shoeing off,in the process he's disrespecting you and you need to tell him that. if you like him you need to find out within yourself if he's worth it or just a crush you can get over quick. find a man who's more sincere and respectable.trust me you may not want this paticular guy to like you. you find find disappointment and hurt