Staticy hair, what should I do?

This is geared towards hair stylists and people good with hair By the way. Ummm what should I do about staticy hair? I use shampoo and conditioner, shower at night and let it dry over night and straiten it in the morning. When I straiten it my hair just gets so staticy and stays that way all day. What should I do? Thanks


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  • Blow dry your hair.

    BTW blow drying your hair a lot, will not cause hair damage... You just need to know how to protect it right. (it doesn't even need to be fancy blow drying, just flip your hair and blow dry. Just brush as you do it)

    Also, get smothier milk prouducts forhair. I sugest Granian Fructis Style: Soomthing Milk - Style and Sleek. Don't put a lot at once, cause it'll weight down your hair.

    And when you flat iron your hair, to stop the staticy hair (a lot of my friends have this problem, my suggestion sloved the problem) Do not put the iron heat to full, and when you are flatting your hair. Don't start at roots, like one inche from the head. You know what I mean?

  • get a non-scented dryer sheet and rub your hair with it.

    • When? After the shower? Before or after I straiten my hair?

    • after you straighten your hair.

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