Fell in love with leggings?

so it ain't a secret I've totally fallen in love with my leggings since when I was like 16 and randomly tried a pair of my moms leggings I liked the way they felt on My legs 4 years later I almost have 8 pairs all in different colors I've bought these specific ones that are 98% polyester and let me tell you it feels as if I'm wearing nothing so I bought more of them off Amazon I've been going to sleep in them I put my socks on with them and a hoodie and go to sleep plus I honestly don't look bad in them im thick lmao im not fat too so ya they just look and feel good on me and I just want to know does this make me a cross dresser cause I only wear leggings but if it does make me one then so be it lol
Fell in love with leggings?
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